China's hardware exports in the short term the situation

Before the financial crisis, the total output value of the hardware industry has reached 800 billion yuan, and has been maintaining a growth rate of more than 15% , of which exports of 50.3 billion US dollars, accounting for about 40-50% of the total output value of the industry, except for 2007 has been maintained at a high growth rate of 20-30% . From the second half of 2008, the financial crisis swept the world. The economic setbacks in Europe and the United States and the severe contraction of foreign demand markets have had a major impact on China's export-oriented hardware industry. Exports from the hardware industry hit rock bottom, and in the first half of 2009, they were down 22% compared with the same period a year earlier, an all time low. According to the customs statistics, in 2009, in the hardware 10 categories of exports, construction hardware products larger year-on-year decline, reached 31. . 2% . Tools also fell by more than 7% . Time into 2010, the hardware industry appeared the international market demand began to slowly pick up, increasing orders gradually "pick up" signs. Many people began to point out that the hardware industry has also entered the so-called "post-crisis era" , saying that China's hardware industry has begun to walk out of the shadow of the financial crisis in a very optimistic form, the prospects are very bright. "At this point, I'm afraid we're a little early in the day, " said an expert from the organizing committee of the 10 China International Hardware Fair (CIHS' 10) . "The export of the hardware industry is definitely growing, but it's more of a 'recovery' growth, or 'retaliatory' growth. "? It looks beautiful according to the official statistics of the Canton Fair, the 107th Canton Fair. The total turnover of 34.3 billion US dollars is 12.6% higher than that of the autumn fair of 2009. However, considering that 2009 is in the period when the financial crisis was more serious, the relevant turnover data is relatively low, so according to this year's growth rate, the export value of various sectors has not yet recovered to the level before the financial crisis, and can only be considered as "recovery growth. ". Foreign trade experts believe that although the canton fair turnover has maintained a restorative growth momentum, but not back to the level before the financial crisis. At present, there are still many unknown factors in the international market, the recovery of foreign trade is still not optimistic. Participating enterprises also said that participating enterprises generally reflected that emerging market buyers'purchasing desire has increased significantly and they are optimistic about the recovery prospects of the international market. However, they are also worried about the RMB exchange rate, the sustainability of the relevant state policies and rising costs, and other factors. The phenomenon of short orders being more than long orders is still prominent.