How does kitchen hardware maintain?

For the Faucet, sink such a high frequency of use of hardware, if not to buy environmental protection, durable products, will greatly affect the use of the kitchen quality and user's mood. Therefore, in the selection and purchase of kitchen hardware, it is important to ensure quality, to prevent leakage, blockage of the problem. FAUCET: LEAK-PROOF & water-saving, the kitchen is a home water consumption of a large position. Especially now, more and more people are worried about the residue problem, whether vegetables or fruits have to be soaked several times before eating, which leads to an increase in water consumption in the kitchen. Therefore, in the purchase of kitchen faucet, water saving is a must consider. In addition to the ordinary tap, the market also has a special water-saving tap, than the general tap water saving about 30%-40% . The water-saving faucet is mainly installed in the Faucet bubble machine, air into the water, so when flushing to slow down the flow of water, reduce the amount of flushing, play a role in saving energy. This kind of bibcock still has the function that puts splash, avoid the problem that splash everywhere every time washing vegetable water. Another key factor in choosing a kitchen faucet is water leakage. Because the frequency of kitchen faucet opening and closing is high, if the quality is too bad, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of leakage and dripping water after using soon, resulting in waste. The key to the faucet leakage is the Spool, generally considered ceramic spool is the more advanced spool technology. Compared with the ordinary Spool, with strong wear resistance, sealing and other functions, its leak-proof performance is also better, it is recommended to be able to choose a ceramic spool faucet. In addition, when buying Bibcock, still want to try to switch on and off is smooth, see bibcock surface electroplate is smooth or not, these are the key factor that judges bibcock good or bad. SINK: anti-clogging is the key, most of the kitchen sink is 304 stainless steel one-piece forming, the basin is durable, basic do not worry about the life of the problem. The key is the sink of the sewage device, many families habitually wash vegetables, washing dishes, directly let the residue from the sink in the drain outflow, long-term cultivation of this habit is easy to cause the drain plug, pipe leakage, sewage stinking and other issues. Therefore, in the selection and purchase of flume to consider the design of flume outlet. For example, you can choose the sink has a sink of solid waste storage basket, can receive the solid waste washed down, each time after the use of the sink to empty the basket of waste storage, can avoid too much solid waste into the sewer, leading to blockage. More and more families are installing food waste disposers that break up solid waste so it doesn't clog up even if it's flushed down the drain. In addition, the quality of the sewer pipe is also a sink when purchasing need to focus on. If the quality of the water pipe is too poor, long-term food residue corrosion will also easily lead to leakage, smell and other problems. Therefore, the choice of sewer PVC pipes also pay attention to product quality. TIPS1: good design makes the kitchen more convenient, a good kitchen's high evaluation is easy to use. Therefore, the Faucet, sink and other high-frequency use of hardware should be more attention. The market has also launched different kitchen hardware for different use habits, such as in addition to the Common Faucet, but also can pull-type sprinkler, 360 degrees of rotating sprinkler, sprinkler style, such as different faucet options; The sink also has special fittings, such as the metal shelf above the sink, which can be dried when washing vegetables and fruits. DIY: A leaky sink? Diy water pipes replacement, if one day found that the sink leak, your forward reaction is what? Find a piece of cloth to stop the leak? Find a professional to solve the problem? Or are you too frustrated to move forward? In fact, their own inspection, replacement of washing basin water pipes is not difficult, why not DIY? Find the size of the drain, go to the hardware store or online to buy related materials, Start Your own problem! PREPARE MATERIALS: new water pipe, wrench, cleaning cloth replacement step: 1. Wash basin under the water pipe to do a good waterproof work, open the Faucet, see where the source of leakage. If the water pipe joint is loose, you can replace the water pipe to re-remove the joint installation, on the glass glue fixed is also a good solution, if the water pipe is broken, you need to replace; 2. If the water pipe is broken, first make sure the basin is clean and waterless, and then remove the old water pipe. Most of the water pipe is a screw bayonet, the wrench will be connected to the force to open the joint can be. If there is glass glue in the bayonet, remove the glass glue with a shovel and open the pipe. 3. After unscrewing water pipe, use clean cloth to carefully clean the outlet of Dish Basin; 4. Connect the new water pipe bayonet, tighten it with wrench, reinforce it with glass glue if necessary, finish the water pipe installation.